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Replenishing Hair Treatment

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A replenishing hair treatment/mask that will leave your hair and scalp feeling repaired and cleansed. 

Product Description

Made from the perfect combination of Coconut, Argan and Tea Tree oils, this Hair Treatment is highly replenishing, leaving your hair and scalp feeling repaired and cleansed. Coconut Oil is excellent for damaged hair as it restores vital nutrients- especially protein to hair follicles. Argan Oil reduces damage caused to hair cuticles by extensive styling or hair colouring. It can also restore dry hair and split ends. Tea Tree oil acts as a natural dandruff and dry scalp deterrent and promotes hair growth. Use this treatment as a hair mask and leave on dry hair for at least half an hour before washing your hair as normal. Regular use of this treatment will restore smoothness and shine to your hair! 185 grams.


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