Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the shelf life of my scrub? 

Due to the all-natural component of the ingredients, shelf life is around 2-3 months. The jar amount has been developed with this in mind, so you shouldn’t have any go to waste.

How long is the shelf life of my hair treatment? 

As the hair treatment doesn’t contain any sugar or nuts, this can be kept up to one year.

How often should I use my scrub or hair treatment?

For optimal results, use both products 1-2 times a week. For extra dry skin/hair, leave the scrub/hair treatment on for a longer period of time than recommended.

Is the body scrub safe to use on my face?

Yes! This scrub can have the same great effects on the face as the rest of the skin. As the face can, at times, be more sensitive than the rest of our bodies, always try a test patch 24 hours before applying to the whole face. Manda’s tip: application on the face means you may not have to apply a moisturiser to the face after use as it will feel moisturised and silky soft- hoorah! However, it is recommended to use the scrub on the face at night-time rather than during the day, especially if you have oily skin. Stop use immediately if any irritation occurs.

Can the scrub replace my normal shower routine?

Though the coconut oil base acts as a natural anti-bacterial, the scrub is not a cleanser. On days you use the scrub, still adhere to your usual cleaning routine of soap or body wash. Manda’s tip: have a shower as normal, and once you have rinsed off your soap, apply the scrub to your skin and leave to absorb for 1-2 minutes.

The scrub is “moisturising,” should I use it in conjunction with lotion?

This is not needed! Prolonged use of the scrub will give you naturally silky, soft, supple and well hydrated skin without the use of cream lotions or moisturisers. Amazing!

How much should I use?

Per use, it is recommended to use approximately 2 bamboo spoonfuls for the scrub and 1 bamboo spoonful for the hair treatment. Everyone is different so you may want to use more, especially if you are targeting a certain problem-area. Manda’s tip: For the ultimate user-friendly experience when scrubbing up, scoop out 1 spoonful, put on your hands and rub them together to spread on the top half of your body. Rub in circling motions (with the rounded back of your bamboo applicator) so that it absorbs well. Do the same with the second spoonful and use this for your leg area, rather than scooping out 2 spoonfuls at once.

How long will my product take to arrive?

As the products are handmade-to-order, production will begin as soon as your order comes in. Please allow 2-7 business days for arrival of your beauty treatment.

Can I buy if I am outside Australia?

At this stage, the online store only caters to those who are within Australia. If you are based overseas and really want to try it, please email Manda at and we can see if we can arrange something because we don’t want anyone to miss out! If you’re based internationally and want to be able to receive this product, let us know! If demand is high enough, we will endeavour to enable international shipping!

Is my product refundable?

At MandaMade we will treat everything on a case-by- case basis. If you are unhappy with your product please email us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to help you out. We pride ourselves heavily on keeping our customers happy and smiling.

My scrub/treatment has become solid, what can I do?

Because of the natural oils contained in the scrub, they can solidify if kept in a very cool environment. A quick stir with your bamboo spatula should rectify this issue by making it soft again. If it is very hard, a quick 10 seconds in the microwave will help. If the oil rises to the top, a quick stir will fix that also.

Is the scrub safe to store in my shower?

MandaMade has worked hard to design a jar that is completely safe to be kept in your shower area for easy access (not to mention it makes your shower look pretty!). The bamboo applicator is of top quality and can withstand the wet environment. As always though, take due care when in the shower to prevent the jar from becoming a hazard. All packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. You can keep reusing your jar time and time again to minimise wastage, just get a replenishment pack! If you have a shower that makes it difficult to store such a jar, you can always use our replenishment packs instead!

Any other questions please feel free to email us at: