Beauty is more than skin deep…

MandaMade aspires to help people be kind towards themselves, Mother Nature and our animals. Our products reflect this by the all-natural components, recyclable packaging and cruelty free approach we take in our production process. Nothing produced contains any preservatives, chemicals, parabens, synthetics or other nasties. All ingredients are certified organic, vegan friendly and locally sourced. Our glass packaging has been carefully selected for its ability to protect and preserve the life of natural and preservative-free products.


Our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier and there is an increasing number of evidence to show how toxins in cosmetics can hinder our health. If we take care of our outsides, our insides won’t need to suffer. Make the switch to natural beauty and start experiencing the benefits immediately!


We’re also proud to be donating proceeds of every sale to Australia’s leading animal protection agency: Animal’s Australia. 2% of every sale will be contributed to supporting this fantastic movement to end animal cruelty for good. Our vision is to increase our contribution every year for the next 5 years. By supporting us, you’re not only investing in a great product, you’re contributing to an even better cause! 


You can check out some of the amazing projects they have been working on here.