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❝I love the body scrub! I have pretty dry skin but the consistency of the scrubs (both the chocolate and the mint) were extremely effective in removing my dry skin, leaving a really soft after effect. The scrubs smell amazing – the mint has a lovely freshness about it and the chocolate one is so good that I’ve had to restrain myself from eating it. It’s great to see an animal-friendly, all natural (yet luxurious-feeling) scrub on the market at an affordable price.❞

Samantha Tasic – Happy Customer

❝The product was wonderful, I can’t fault it. I loved the scrub. It has been great during the cold weather to make me feel very pampered and the mint is a lovely pick-me-up! At first I thought perhaps it wasn’t rough enough to have much of an impact but as I used it I was surprised at how well it scrubbed.❞

Zoe Borbiro – Blogger

❝There are no words for just how darn delicious this magic scrub smells, I legitimately convinced myself to not eat it about 12 times (and still have to every time I use it!) But the smell is nothing compared to how beautifully smooth and soft it left my skin. AND it’s vegan!? Yes. Yes. Yes. I will absolutely be buying more in the future!❞

Nikky Loyson – Happy Customer

❝I tried the Mint Body Scrub the night I got it, and it’s such a fantastic formula – it’s just the right amount of oiliness to coat the skin, without leaving you feeling sticky. And the smell of the mint! So refreshing, and not at all overwhelming. And they’re not kidding about it being delicious (I had a cheeky taste while I waited for the scrub to absorb). The next morning my skin felt supple and nicely moisturised.❞

Flavia Galeotti – Journalist

❝LOVE!! This is soooo yummo for the body and I’m pretty sure I ate some of it! Raw sugar, organic coconut oil, cacao powder, crushed almonds, olive oil and vitamin E = a killer body scrub that smells incredible and works your skin perfectly. It leaves your skin truly coated in a beautiful softness that can only be achieved by quality oils and the smell….well who doesn’t love the smell of gooey brownies being baked!! Delish!!!❞

Brigid Sandell – Beauty Blogger Create, Love, Heal

❝Easy to use with minimal waste and is not messy at all. Very moisturising that you do not need to add moisturiser to the skin post shower! Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and replenished all day. Mild grainy texture that is not harsh or too coarse on the skin.❞ Read the full review here: http://carylalmelor.com/a-moisturising-organic-body-scrub-by-manda-made/

Caryl Almelor – Beauty Blogger The Caryl Edit

❝The MandaMade Replenishing Hair Treatment worked wonders on me! As my hair is thick and quite dry, it took two washes to remove, however it was so easy to do so, and now my hair is so shiny and smooth. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it to friends!❞

Vanessa Tran – Director, Lions N Gazelles

❝I have used the Mint body scrub & LOVE it!! It is all it claims to be and more! My skin felt soft, moisturised & smooth! I have extremely dry skin, and was amazed at how beautiful my skin felt after using the scrub! I’m a BIG fan now! I also tried the hair treatment yesterday and LOVED IT! My hair felt silkier and less frizzy and I didn’t need the hair dryer to ‘tame it’. It felt so good to use all natural, organic products & actually also feel & see the benefit of it!

Charmaine O’brien – Founder, Charming Creation Cakes

I have become a fan of this hair mask! I enjoy washing my hair everyday so the end of my hair is usually dry especially in winter time. I have been using Aesop for a few years, it keeps a good balance for my hair but still can’t fix the problem for my dry hair ends. However, combining with my new favourite product, it has a very strong moisturising function for my dry hair. I believe it is the good ingredients in the hair mask and I like the scent of it too. I apply it everyday now, my hair is healthy and shiny.❞

Vicky Zhang – Happy Customer

❝I tried this out the other day (Hair Treatment) and holy moly my hair is sooo soft and it’s not as frizzy as usual. Thank you so much for having such a great product! :D❞

Nicole Globe – Happy Customer

❝This oil hair treatment contains a simple blend of coconut, argan, and tea tree oils. I recommend this product if you have dry thirsty hair. As with any hair oil treatment, you apply to dry hair from roots to ends, focusing on the driest parts. After the treatment has been left in for as long as possible, hair can be shampooed and conditioned as normal (shampooing twice is recommended to remove all oil). I find that after using this treatment that my hair is left soft, hydrated and shiny. A tiny amount of this product can also be used to smooth flyaways, a truly multipurpose product!❞

Wellness by Kels – Beauty Blogger

❝As a makeup artist, this is such a great product to keep in my kit as it suits most to all skin types. The goodness of all ingredients work together well in completely removing all traces of makeup, especially waterproof eye makeup which is always the hardest. For myself, I have combo skin so I get oily on my t-zone and dry on my u-zone, I don’t find that I get any oilier after use. It leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and well moisturised. Highly recommended especially for those looking for local and organically sourced skincare with no harsh chemicals.❞

Katrina Villegas – Makeup Artist at KV Makeup Artistry